NHL Talk


Host Tony Stabile makes his WGBB hosting debut, and welcomes Brian Compton from NHL.com to the program to talk Islanders and Rangers hockey.    

NHL Talk; MLB Hall-of-Fame Debate


Hosts Derek Wasiak and John Sweeney begin the show discussing Islanders disappointing season, followed by some talk about the Rangers Henrik Lundqvist. In the second half-hour, the John and Derek welcomed Howie Karpin to the program, longtime official scorer for Major League Baseball, and Sirius XM update anchor. Howie talked a bit about a new…

“Ice Wars” Author Gil Martin


Hosts Gary Harding and John Panarese welcome Gil Martin, author of Ice Wars: The Complete Story of New York’s Greatest Modern Sports Rivalry.    

UFC Champion Chris Weidman


Host Mike Vivalo talks with 4x UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman, and recaps his absolutely insane time at the UFC. Later Mike breaks down both the Jets and Giants, and closes out the show talking Rangers hockey.  

Jets Rant; Rangers, Isles Talk


Hosts John Sweeney, Derek Wasiak and John Panarese rant about the Jets, discuss some topics from Derek’s Twitter feed, and later talk about the Rangers and Islanders.    

NHL Draft Analysis


Hosts Gary Harding and John Panarese welcome Randy Gorman from McKeens Hockey, and talk with him about the top picks in the NHL Draft, and later had some fun with an Icelandic commentator after his team advanced in the Euro 2016 Tournament.  

Reyes Return, NHL Draft


Hosts Gary Harding and John Panarese discuss the impact of the Jose Reyes re-signing with the Mets, and later talk with Paul Kreischer from Isles Talk about the just completed NHL Draft and free agency.  

Former Rangers Goalie John Davidson


Host Bill Donohue welcomes former New York Rangers goaltender and broadcaster John Davidson, followed by Greg W. Prince, who discussed his new book, Amazin’ Again – How the 2015 New York Mets Brought the Magic Back to Queens.  

NHL Playoff Talk


Hosts Derek Wasiak and John Sweeney are joined by John Panarese in the studio, and continue to talk about the local teams and the upcoming NHL playoffs. Guests included Rick Carpiniello from the Rangers Report, and Scott Charles from Islanders Insight.  

Rangers, Isles, NHL Playoffs


Hosts Derek Wasiak and John Sweeney are joined by John Panarese in the studio, and talk Rangers and Islanders hockey as both teams get set for the NHL playoffs, taking several calls in the hour.    

Former Rangers Forward Kevin Miller


Hosts Derek Wasiak and John Sweeney welcome former New York Rangers forward Kevin Miller, who spoke about some of what he doing doing today, as well as reminiscing about his time playing in the 1988 Olympics in Calgary and his time with the Rangers in the early 1990s.