World Series Wrap-Up; Jets/Giants, NBA


Host Raymond Mora began the show talking about the World Series with Johnnie Malioris from 87 Sports Fans, as well as what to expect from the Mets and Royals this off-season. Then Gary Davenport, NFL analyst for the Bleacher Report, joined the show to discuss the NFL, the Jets and the Giants. Ray closed out the program…

Mets, Yankees Final Playoff Push

Mel Proctor

Hosts Derek Wasiak and Nkwa Asonye are joined in the studio by Raymond Mora. The guys reviewed the Yankees’ series win over the Tampa Bay Rays, and later welcomed sports caster and former MLB TV voice Mel Proctor, who spoke with the guys about his new book, The Little General: Gene Mauch A Baseball Life and…

Mets/Yankees Playoff Push; What to do with Geno Smith?


Hosts Jake Asman and Dan Budick kick things off with some talk about the Mets and Yankees playoff push as the teams hope to capture their division titles heading into the final weeks of the season. In the second half of the program, the guys spoke about the New York Jets and the recent controversy surrounding…

Ed Randall, Part II


Hosts Derek Wasiak and John Sweeney continue their discussion with longtime New York radio and television personality Ed Randall, talking with him about the Yankees season thus-far, Alex Rodriguez Hall-of-Fame chances, Major League Baseball’s new rule on home-plate collisions, and the attitudes of players today compared to years past. Ed also expressed some of his…

Former Jets RB Bruce Harper

Bruce Harper

Hosts Derek Wasiak and John Sweeney start off the show this week talking about Derek Jeter’s final game in pinstripes at Yankee Stadium on Thursday, and his swan song earlier today at Fenway Park. Then the guys welcomed the New York Jets running back Bruce Harper to the program, who is the Jets the all-time kick returner with…

Granderson Reflects on Mets 2014 Season

Curtis Granderson

As the Mets season came to a close Sunday with a win, the team fell short of 90 wins as Sandy Alderson proclaimed that he expected. The 2014 Mets were somewhat relevant in September at one point, creeping within 5.5 games back of the second wild card spot. In the end, it was their sixth…

Top 10 MLB Ballplayers the Past 40 Years

Derek Jeter

Hosts Derek Wasiak and John Sweeney discuss who the 10 best MLB baseball players of the last 40 years are- regardless of position and excluding “PED” guys. In the second half of the show host Andrew Joseph joined in as the discussion shifted to the NFL and the Jets and Giants.    

MLB Hall-of-Fame Inductions

Joe Torre

Hosts Raymond Mora and Bryan White discuss the recent MLB Hall-of-Fame inductions, the start of training camp for the Jets and Giants, as well as some talk about both the Mets and Yankees.