George Thorogood, MLB Hall-of-Fame Weekend


Host Bill Donohue opens the show talking with musician and Mets fan George Thorogood of The Destroyers. Then Bill talked about his trip to Cooperstown for the 2017 MLB Hall-of-Fame inductions. Scheduled guest and New York Mets radio voice Wayne Randazzo was unable to make it back from Philadelphia in time for the show, so…

Active MLB HOF Candidates; Yankees Trade Talk


Host Mike Vivalo and Jeff Guida begin the show discussing active MLB players that should end up in the Hall-of-Fame. Later the guys talked about possible trade targets for the Yankees with Billy Witz, who covers the Yankees for the The New York Times.  

NHL Talk; MLB Hall-of-Fame Debate


Hosts Derek Wasiak and John Sweeney begin the show discussing Islanders disappointing season, followed by some talk about the Rangers Henrik Lundqvist. In the second half-hour, the John and Derek welcomed Howie Karpin to the program, longtime official scorer for Major League Baseball, and Sirius XM update anchor. Howie talked a bit about a new…

Talking Giants Loss, Jets/Colts, Yankees Off-Season


Host Andy Suekoff makes is WGBB hosting debut, beginning the program discussing the Giants disappointing loss against the Steelers earlier in the day. Andy also talked a bit about the Jets as they prepare for their Monday night match-up against the Colts, the Yankees off season, the recent baseball Hall-of-Fame inductees, and a little NBA…

“Sudden” Sam McDowell


Host Bill Donohue began the show talking about the newest Hall of Famer’s in the Class of 2017, John Shuerholz and Bud Selig. Then Bill spoke with “Sudden” Sam McDowell about his career, the times and today’s pitchers. Scheduled guest Tim Raines had an emergency that prevented him from coming on the program- but he…

Talks with Sal Bando and Jeff Reardon


Host Bill Donohue begins the show by welcoming Sal Bando, 3x World Champion for the Oakland A’s, followed by former New York Mets closer Jeff Reardon.    

Hall-of-Fame Knuckleballer Phil Niekro; Cooperstown Mayor Jeff Katz

Phil Niekro

Host Bill Donohue had planned to speak with Hall-of-Famer Rollie Fingers, but due to a last minute cancellation Bill instead re-aired an interview he did not long ago with another Hall-of-Fame pitcher, knuckleballer Phil Niekro. Then Bill welcomed Cooperstown Mayor Jedd Katz to the program, to discuss his new book Split Season. Look for Rollie Fingers…

Ed Randall, Part II


Hosts Derek Wasiak and John Sweeney continue their discussion with longtime New York radio and television personality Ed Randall, talking with him about the Yankees season thus-far, Alex Rodriguez Hall-of-Fame chances, Major League Baseball’s new rule on home-plate collisions, and the attitudes of players today compared to years past. Ed also expressed some of his…

Top 10 MLB Ballplayers the Past 40 Years

Derek Jeter

Hosts Derek Wasiak and John Sweeney discuss who the 10 best MLB baseball players of the last 40 years are- regardless of position and excluding “PED” guys. In the second half of the show host Andrew Joseph joined in as the discussion shifted to the NFL and the Jets and Giants.    

MLB Hall-of-Fame Inductions

Joe Torre

Hosts Raymond Mora and Bryan White discuss the recent MLB Hall-of-Fame inductions, the start of training camp for the Jets and Giants, as well as some talk about both the Mets and Yankees.