Jason NazarioHost

Jason Nazario

Jason S. Nazario is a lifelong sports fan that began his sports talk show journey back in 2001, when he hosted a weekly 1-hour program for a local community radio station in the Bronx. He took his show to cyberspace in 2008 on Blog Talk Radio, where he remained for over 5 years.

After taking some time off, Jason is back behind the mic here at SPORTSTALK1240, joining our stable of hosts in January 2015.

Jason’s sports philosophy is somewhat traditional. He doesn’t mind a player celebrating or showing emotion, provided that it isn’t excessive. He loves discussing the various aspects of sports such as matchups, comparisons, trade rumors and controversies. Not afraid to ask the tough question when interviewing sports personalities, Jason is determined to get their viewpoints and experiences on games, players, strategy and more.

Opinionated but fair in his assessments, Jason relates well to all types of fans: young and old, from the inner city to the suburbs. His style of broadcasting can be described as engaging, passionate, entertaining and lively.