Stop the Harvey Hate

Harvey_500x500New York City is a “What have you done for me lately” kind of town. You must always be on you’re A-game to avoid criticism. This goes for athletes, Broadway performers, stand-up comedians, the guy dressed as Elmo in Times Square and even the guy on the 7-train playing the guitar for spare change.

It’s what makes New York- we expect the best.

To some, Matt Harvey is a victim of this circumstance. Right now, well, he’s not on his A-game. Mets fans have expressed their frustration with Harvey on Twitter, called in to SPORTSTALK1240 upset at Matt for his poor start to the season, and last Wednesday booed him at Citi-Field.

If you’re one of those fans upset at Matt for his performance, you should be ashamed of yourself!

Okay, that may be going a little too far- but you get the point. Harvey put his arm, future earnings and career on the line last fall to bring a Championship to New York. Now fans are upset that his elbow looks like one of those toy flamingo prizes at an amusement park? It was a risk that we all knew could sadly transpire last September, so fans shouldn’t be upset now that it has happened.

This situation wouldn’t change even if Harvey had performed badly in the playoffs last season. The fact that he pitched well over the doctors’ innings limit recommendation clearly demonstrated his desire to win at all costs – and that matters. A lot.

Harvey’s a warrior, a fighter and a winner- and he’s still showing that fight by wanting take his next turn in the rotation against the White Sox. Is his ego is getting the best of him right now? Perhaps, but that’s a story for another day.

Would fans have preferred Harvey shut himself down for the Mets playoff run last fall, and instead have Jake Arietta-esque like numbers this season? If you’re being honest, the answer is no. You can’t have it both ways.

What Matt Harvey did was gutsy and worthy of fans admiration. You rarely see that in sports anymore – a guy risking his future for the chance to win in the present. There’s just too much money on the line for players to take that kind of risk. Harvey will be a free agent after the 2018 season, and teams will now likely be hesitant to give him a big money contract because of his arm troubles post Tommy John surgery. Harvey, when at the top of his game, is a top 10 pitcher in the sport. Who knows what will happen now. What if he requires a second Tommy John surgery? Harvey put those risks aside to help his team win last fall. That should not be forgotten.

So to those of you upset that Matt Harvey’s laid multiple eggs this season, appreciate that he put his entire future on the line last year just to help bring you a championship. And he came pretty damn close to doing so.