Mets Must Sign Cespedes!

CespedesIt’s an absolute disgrace that the Mets have not signed Yoenis Cespedes. He’s sitting out there on the surface of the ocean waiting to be reeled in. All the Mets need to do is put some bait on their fishing rod and reel him in. The problem, as always with the Mets, is they have no bait.

If he goes to the Nationals, it may be the worst thing that’s happened to this team in decades. And I’m serious. Think about it – the Mets #3 and #4 hitters in the playoffs, two players who brought them to the World Series, aren’t going to be on the team next year. They’re going to be in your division, playing for an arch rival- and you’re going to have to face them 19 times next season! The Nationals had a down year last season, but if you take off Murphy and Cespedes from the Mets and add both of them to the Nationals they’re almost certain to win the division. You really want to risk a 1 game playoff to make the playoffs?

I get it. It’s too much money for the Wilpons. And I really don’t get it, because it’s a lot of money and it’s not my money. But it’s not fair. This is New York. You don’t buy and own a team to make money. You own a team for ego, to do all you can to win and to have fun. Is having a terrible offseason and losing all of the pop in your lineup any fun?

If the Wilpons want to make money, they would resign Cespedes! More ticket sales, more fanfare, more sponsorships, media, etc. Will the excitement be there with David Wright batting 3rd and having d’Arnaud as your cleanup hitter? Let’s see both of them play 120+ games before relying on them to be your top two hitters.

The Mets need to find a way to sign Cespedes. Mets fans especially do not want to see him land in Washington, giving them a 3-4 punch consisting of him and Harper. Still, it’s more than that. The Mets have all loaded with young, inexpensive arms, and would be wasting an opportunity to be a legitimate contender to win it all with Cespedes in the lineup. It’s the same story day after day, month after month, year after year. The Mets won’t spend money. They don’t care enough.

I’ve been a lifelong Mets fan and besides re-runs of Seinfeld and hanging out with friends and family the Mets are my life. They’re like a second religion to me. But if the owners, the ones who make the final decisions that amount to the wins and losses, don’t care about winning- why should I?

It’s slowly getting to that point for me. I’m eager for the baseball season to start and excited to have Steven Matz as our #4 pitcher. Come June we’ll have a 5 man rotation of all the young arms we’ve stockpiled, but to be totally honest- my interest is waning day by day.

Cespedes’ decision is coming soon. Judgment day will be here. And Mets fans – brace for the worst. It’s going to happen, and we’re used to it by now.