Credit Minaya, Alderson for Mets Success

Minaya_AldersonLast season, Sandy Alderson was helped out tremendously by Omar Minaya. Matt Harvey, Steven Matz & Jacob Degrom – Omar Minaya. Hey, even Juan Laggers, Jeurys Familia and Lucas Duda are Omar guys. But, four years from now we’ll be saying how great of a job Sandy did building his own system, watching the fruit grow and getting the Mets out of a financial mess (caused by Minaya) and setting the team up for success for years to come.

Look at what he has done so far- traded for 2 young studs – Noah Syndergaard throwing 100 mph and Travis leading NL catchers in slugging percentage and having control of Noah at a bargain before he is arbitration eligible for four years and Travis before he becomes a free agent after ’19.

The Marlon Byrd trade was one that initially ticked me off, but instead of resigning him at $8 million a year like the Phillies did, they traded for a top prospect in Dilson Herrera, who, by the way, will be getting paid nickels and dimes for the next three years as well. They were able to use the money saved by Byrd to acquire Curtis Grandson (Mets MVP of last season and a team leader in the clubhouse). How about the financial situation Minaya put the Mets in? The Mets paid Jason Bay $16.5 million in 2013 to not play a single game. They were paying Oliver Perez in Alderson’s 1st year and Luis Castillo 6 million in ’11, too! (Alderson took over as GM starting in ’11). What major contracts besides Wright are the Mets locked into for the foreseeable future?

Please don’t tell me you are against Wrights’ contract because you know had they not resigned him you’d have been calling the Wilsons cheap. Though the Wilsons are known to be cheap, Alderson has at least put them in a position where they CAN spend money. Will they? That’s out of Alderson’s control.

Sandy also has done a solid job of restocking the farm system in present day with players who are currently in single A & double A who will come up to the Mets even next year, but in ’16, ’17, ’18 and beyond. Baseball America had the Mets farm system ranked at #4 before the year and with hot prospects such as Ahmad Rosario, Dominic Smith and Gavin Cecchini, they’ll have serviceable big leaguers or players with value to use in trades. We know how prospects can turn out – look at Lastings Milledge – but i’ll take Baseball America’s opinion over anybody else’s.

Has Sandy made mistakes? Sure has has! Chris Young? Frank Francisco? Angel Pagan for Andres Torres! But those moves were short term losses in seasons that we all knew the team was going nowhere in and that won’t harp the franchise for years to come like the big 3 of Minaya’s contracts did. (Which are Lebron, Wade & Bosh? Gotta go Bay as Lebron, Oli as Wade and Castillo as Bosh).

You may think Alderson was helped out in 2015 by Minaya’s signings, and you’re right. Maybe i’m too all in on Alderson. But right now, on November 16th, the future is brighter for the New York Metropolitans than I have ever known it to be in my lifetime (I was born in 1992) and that is because of Sandy. Let’s wait and see down the road. For right now though, spring training is only three months away!