Former Yankee, 1978 World Series Hero Brian Doyle

Brian DoyleHosts Derek Wasiak and Nkwa Asonye Jr. welcome former Yankees 2B and 1978 World Series hero Brian Doyle. In addition to talking about the many great memories he has from that series, Doyle also spoke about how the team  overcame a mid-season deficit of 14 games and won a 1-game playoff against the Red Sox to win the American League East division. Doyle also spoke about getting his first hit in the same game as Ron Guidry’s 18-strike out performance against the California Angels that season, Chris Chambliss big home run in the ALCS, and other stories about former manager Billy Martin, owner George Steinbrenner and former teammates Chris Chambliss, Craig Nettles, Bucky Dent, Willie Randolph and others.