Former Giants DE Leonard Marshall

Leonard Marshall

Hosts Derek Wasiak and John Sweeney open the show with some quick comments on the New York hockey teams, the end of the Jets/Giants seasons and the the Knicks continued misery. NFL football talk dominated the show, beginning with some thoughts on the playoff games this weekend.

Then Derek and John welcomed former New York Giants defensive lineman Leonard Marshall to the program, who spoke about growing up in Louisiana, some of the influences early in his life and how he got his start playing football. Marshall then talked about his career in the game, starting with his college football days at LSU, being drafted by the Giants and his time with the team- including the Giants two Super Bowl teams he played for in 1986 and 1990.

Marshall gave his thoughts on many of the players he played with and against throughout his career, including Lawrence Taylor, Joe Morris, Walter Payton, Gary Fencik, Dan Hampton, Wilbur Marshall and many others. He also had some interesting and very candid things to say about former Giants head coach Bill Parcells.

Of course Marshall’s big hit on 49ers quarterback Joe Montana in the 1990 NFC Championship Game was also discussed, including some of the things that motivated him to excel in that particular game.

Marshall then spoke about little know Giants running back and close friend John Tuggle, who played with the Giants briefly in 1983 (he was the final selection of the 1983 NFL Draft by the Giants), and later passed away from Leukemia in 1986.

Staying with hosts Derek and John right through then end of the program, Marshall closed out the show with the guys talking a bit about the Gameplan Foundation, which helps to teach professional athletes how to invest their earnings after their playing career comes to an end.